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Pharه ☪ Webstite

         Omar Mostafa, also known as “The American Pharaoh” is an Egyptian-American Rapper, singer, and Creator of the Hip-Hop sub-genre “Trap-Conscious”. Which sheds light on the presence of God in the “Trap” world. Follow the Pharaoh as he drops new music all year long, and a weekly Remix of some the most popular songs on Billboards top 100!



           In the song “6 MORNINGS”, Pharه ☪ shows how confident he is in out-shinning most or any opponent that could and shouldn’t go against him. He explains in the chorus, the main idea of what his music evolves around; which is the concept of “Love”. Pharaoh uses his talent and lyricism to try to fix what’s “wrong” with society one song at a time and showing the beauty of life to his audience through God’s eyes. But that doesn’t mean he can’t lay heat if need be. #DontSleep #StayCautious.


         American Pharaoh gives us his spin on the Classic, Lil-Wayne ft. Drake song “Ransom”. In his spin on this remix, he subtly explains how with help of god he was able to transform his life around and god willing continue this path. May Allah help us all find the right path!


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